Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Die Interrimsliebnen

Bardo is a Tibetan word for the time between death and reincarnation, often interpreted as "liminal" - a threshold between one state of being and another.

That's what this place is, a temporary home for Bardo AB. We are award-winning story-makers in broadcast participation drama, our toolbox includes online gaming, social networks, tabletop and live action roleplaying. We want to make the world less real, more fun and we want you to love every minute of it. 

We may find the need for more a more "proper" page one of these days, but in this age of free tools, can we really be bothered? You tell us! Should we get a proper website? And what is a proper website?

Stay Unreal folks!


  1. Hej Martin

    I behøver et sted med kontakt data, som er nemt at finde. Specielt hvis du ikke har mobil telefon...

    Asta, www.dieasta.dk

  2. Fixed. In Contact Bardo on the right. Looking at your site gave me the itch for a proper wordpressed beauty though...